Deutsche Textilrecycling-Werke
500 jobs
108.134.000 kg
12.000 containers
312 exchange bridges
135.000 m² land area
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We’ve been giving new life to old clothes for two generations. It is not just our occupation, but our mission as well. Climate change is well underway and we believe it ought to be minimized. It’s not just us, who’ve called for this, but also you. A sustainable future society will be made in part by the efficient and eco-friendly cycle of garments and textiles. We are creating a broad system, based on trust in order to fulfill this purpose and we sincerely suggest you seize the opportunity to join us.
It is our aim to continue to develop a system of effective textile collection, quality control and recycling at our company. These aims are part of a broader effort to protect humanity and the environment. DTRW GmbH stands for the protection of natural resources and the environment. We’re committed to caring.

We are in Germany

We are one of the leading companies in the old textile recycling market and every day we continue to broaden our niche in that market

500 jobs are created
108.134.000 kg bearing capacity
135.000 m² of company-owned land area
312 exchange bridges

Global Sales

Second-hand clothing, shoes, feathers

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Textile recycling

You can help too!

Mit der Unterstützung unserer karitativen Kooperationspartner, wandeln Sie Ihre Kleiderspende in finanzielle Hilfe um. Darüber hinaus schaffen wir dauerhafte Arbeitsplätze im In- und Ausland

Economically adventurous

We ensure the recycling of unwearable clothing, from which, for example, insulation materials and rags are being manufactured

Environmentally friendly

Closed material cycles and Resources protection. By collecting and recycling of old clothes we make our contribution to our raw materials conservation
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11x in Germany on 135.000 m²

  • Baden-Württemberg

  • Bayern

  • Berlin

  • Brandenburg

  • Hamburg

  • Hessen

  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

  • Niedersachsen

  • Nordrhein-Westfalen

  • Rheinland-Pfalz

  • Sachsen

  • Sachsen-Anhalt

  • Thüringen

Altkleidersammlung in Baden-Württemberg Altkleidersammlung in Bayern Altkleidersammlung in Berlin Altkleidersammlung in Brandenburg Altkleidersammlung in Bremen Altkleidersammlung in Hamburg Altkleidersammlung in Hessen Altkleidersammlung in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Altkleidersammlung in Niedersachsen Altkleidersammlung in Nordrhein-Westfalen Altkleidersammlung in Rheinland-Pfalz Altkleidersammlung in Saarland Altkleidersammlung in Sachsen Altkleidersammlung in Sachsen-Anhalt Altkleidersammlung in Schleswig-Holstein Altkleidersammlung in Thüringen


Work together

For Local Authorities
Through our work cities and communities are being supported in the officiating of their duties, in the area of waste management and disposal

For charities

Cooperation with DTRW
Through cooperation with us, Charity Organizations receive additional funds to implement their charitable activities. Thus the circle closes and the income goes partly back to the citizens

Sorting and recycling companies

Companies with years of experience
Our partners at sorting and recycling companies are necessary to DTRW GmbH and are pivotal for our business. Workshops cooperating with us are selected with exceptional consideration


Donation to ‚Sterntaler‘

Donation to ‚Sterntaler‘


The organisation ‚Sterntaler‘ from Bielefeld is pleased about a donation of 333 Euro from DTRW GmbH. ‘Sterntaler’ offers encouragement for…
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DTRW expands at Lahntal

DTRW expands at Lahntal


The DTRW GmbH expands at hessian Lahntal. In an interview with the press officer Susanne Sippel Manfred Apell mayor of…
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Aachen: Lotterie-procedure for special-use-license is legal

Aachen: Lotterie-procedure for special-use-license is legal


The DTRW GmbH has get the special-use-license for deploying recycling-banks in the city of Aachen lawfully. This has been confirmed…
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Help for Kindertal

Help for Kindertal


The organisation Kindertal (Child-valley) from Wuppertal is happy about a donation of 333 Euros from DTRW GmbH. Vivica Mittelsten Scheid,…
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