Deutsche Textilrecycling-Werke

You can help!

Well-preserved clothes, as second-hand products, will be delivered to needy people who cannot afford expensive, new fashions.
Second-hand clothes come to the rescue of around 70% of the global population.
Your old clothes give an opportunity for those people to cover their clothing needs, thus making their lives easier.

Additionally, reused textiles allow small businesses such as petty traders, tailors, dyers and other entrepreneurs from the sectors where we export our second-hand products, to profit.
According to the latest data, these supplies don’t harm the local textile trade in developing countries (e.g., in Africa).
Second-hand goods collection, as well as their sale and export, has a special connection to serving people.
If your old clothes are judged unfit to wear, they will be recycled and repurposed.
A part of DTRW’s income from dealing with old clothes is regularly donated to charity.