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For charities
Through cooperation with us, Charity Organizations receive additional funds to implement their charitable activities. Thus the circle closes and the income goes partly back to the citizens

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For Local Authorities
Through our work cities and communities are being supported in the officiating of their duties, in the area of waste management and disposal

For Place Providers

Those who provide place for donation box produce and sustain jobs, support their cities and communities, indirectly help in taking care of the most vulnerable groups

For Sorting and recycling companies

Our partners at sorting and recycling companies are necessary to DTRW GmbH and are pivotal for our business. Workshops cooperating with us are selected with exceptional consideration

The DTRW cooperates nationwide with numerous communities, non-profit organizations and sorting and recycling company as well. Starting with the installation of Old-Textile Boxes and continuing with ecologically and economically viable emptying and further to the recycling of textile waste by carefully selected sorting and recycling companies, we have built a complete recycling chain. It guarantees the continuous control of the installed boxes by a professional local working force and effective complaint management. Our partners are being carefully selected by us according to human ecological and social responsibility criteria.

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