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Donation to ‚Sterntaler‘

Help for SterntalerThe organisation ‚Sterntaler‘ from Bielefeld is pleased about a donation of 333 Euro from DTRW GmbH. ‘Sterntaler’ offers encouragement for children in sorrow because of cases of death in their family. With small rituals, conversation, exercises, playing and creative works the organization helps the children and youth in sorrow. They can learn, that they are not alone with their grief and can take heart out of these activities to learn to live with the loss. ‘Sterntaler’ offers one-on-one-interviews and mourning-groups for children of different ages and also meetings for relatives. Various workshops and excursions complete the proposal. “ it’s nice to know, that I am not the only one with someone in it’s family who has died’ says a nine year old girl for example.