Deutsche Textilrecycling-Werke

About ourselves

IWA LogoAs a specialized recycling company at the federal scale with longstanding qualifications, DTRW GmbH is a certified organization (EfbV). You can rely on us. Having an all-German network of more than 12 000 containers, we belong to the famous and serious leaders in this market. We will readily provide you with information about the firms and organizations cooperating with us, and we will inform you about the export and import directives of the countries importing our second-hand goods and textiles. Every day our employees collect, register and recycle old textiles. More than 80 automobiles go all around Germany day after day to guarantee proper and flawless collection of the clothes from our containers.
To maintain stable improvement, DTRW has broadened its network by adding 11 more offices across Germany.
Our dedication to maintaining an optimal system has helped us to easily, professionally and quickly react to your ideas.
Owing to a continuous expansion, DTRW creates multiple workplaces all around Germany. From drivers to logistics experts and office workers, DTRW has created more than 500 jobs in the country and owns many manufacturing plants throughout Germany and Europe.
Due to successful and well thought-out cooperation with European companies, DTRW contributes to the stable development of these regions.

At DTRW’s 125 000 m² warehouse with 634 155 m³ of storage capacity, it is possible to keep around 108 000 000 kg of second-hand goods in neat and dry conditions. That corresponds to nearly 170 kg of textile per cubic meter. One standard platform of 20х50 m demonstrates that inside a storage space of
6 000 m³ 1 020 tons of goods can be stored. By way of purposeful collection of old clothes and textile and with the help of our container network, we contribute to the protection of the environment and humankind. We sort the collected clothes at high-standards before transferring them to the next stages of recycling. At the same time, we adhere to the export bans and other regulations in place to protect the markets of the developing countries. Leaving your old clothes in DTRW’s containers, you participate not only in environmental protection, but in welfare activities as well. Regular support of charitable organizations is crucial to our mission and this practice has become our continuous duty. Thus, DTRW stands for responsible textile recycling, caring for the environment and social responsibility, working towards reliable, ecological, economic and social benefits. As a company oriented towards the future, DTRW does not rely on external financing. Even in times of economic difficulty, our operations will not be hindered, thanks to a serious and forward-looking planning system.